Kevin Bacon Is Off To A Jungle

For Greg McLean's new survival thriller


No, Kevin Bacon hasn’t reached the point in his career where he’ll go on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! and eat bugs. Alhough he did do those irritating ads... Instead, he’s reuniting with director Greg McLean for Jungle.

Justin Monjo wrote the script for the movie, which was in development with the Spierig Brothers before they decided to move on to other projects.

Jungle is loosely based on the true story of adventure-seeker Yossi Ghinsberg, who found himself lost in the Amazon rainforests of Bolivia in 1981, which means lots of alone time for Bacon on location. It will make for the second collaboration between Bacon and McLean, who have just worked together on 6 Miranda Drive, a new supernatural thriller for Blumhouse Productions in which a family returns from a holiday at the Grand Canyon with a ghostly presence along for the ride. He’ll also be seen in indie pic Cop Car and Scott Cooper’s Black Mass alongside Johnny Depp.