Is Karl Urban Bones?

Star Trek Casting Rumour #317

With Star Trek casting now all but complete, the gossip mill has whirled its way over to the one big question still hanging over the series: who will play the role of Enterprise doctor and good friend of Captain Kirk, Dr Leonard 'Bones' McCoy. And the word on the interweb super high street is that it might be Karl Urban.

Urban's actually only six years older than the new movie's Captain Kirk, Chris Pine (who's still to be confirmed by Paramount), but seems a fair bit more mature. That would fit with the age difference in the show, where Bones and Scotty were old boys of the group (Spock was young by Vulcan standards).

This is not confirmed casting, but several sources are reporting it and casting rumours on this movie have often turned out to be true.

So what would you think of Urban as Bones?