Jurassic Park 4 Artwork Surfaces Online

Human-dinosaur hybrids, anyone?

After Joe Johnston's Jurassic Park III in 2001, there was meant to be, at some point, a Jurassic Park IV. Scripts were offered to Spielberg and then rejected numerous times, with William Monahan and John Sayles' effort working on the idea of dinosaurs-on-the-mainland combined with human/dinosaur hybrid soldiers that could use guns and carry out simple tasks.

Now artwork has surfaced online that reportedly originates with ILM's Andrew Cawrse and concept artist Carlos Huante, revealing just how far down the pipeline this pretty outrageous idea went. And before you look at them, know this: they're pretty damn weird. You have been warned...

As for the current situation with the far-more-likely-to-happen version of Jurassic Park IV (as penned by Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes writing team Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver), that's all still pencilled in for a 2014 release, though it looks like it might end up being more like 2015 according to producer Frank Marshall.

So though these surprise images only reveal a truly twisted might have been for Jurassic Park IV - something that might not have been out of place in James Cameron's mooted Jurassic Park adaptation, perhaps - it's still fascinating stuff.

Check out the NeoGAF.com forums for more details on the plot and the pictures themselves, and let us know in the comment box below whether these images (which are oddly reminiscent of The Lizard from this year's The **Amazing Spider-Man**) could have turned into something brilliant or something just too out there...