More Join Street Fighter II Movie

Clarke Duncan, Klein and Yune Onboard

Three more have joined the cast of the upcoming Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li, which already has Smallville's Kristin Kreuk in the title role. Those actors are Michael Clarke Duncan, Chris Klein and Rick Yune – so you know it's going to be good.

Clarke Duncan is great casting as the enormous boxer Balrog, but we've never heard of the characters Klein and Yune will be taking on. A little light Wikipeding tells us that Klein's Nash is an old war buddy of Guile, the best character in the game and enthusiastic sonic boomer. Yune's Gen is a mystical master assassin who was friends with Chun Li and taught her some of her moves. Clearly, these two characters turned up after we became too old and arthtritically fingered for the game.

Andrzej Bartkowiak, sworn enemy of spell-check, will direct from a script Voltron writer Justin Marks. Shooting is set to start in March in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Vancouver.