Jane Levy Will Battle The Evil Dead

We have a new Mia

With the departure of Lily Collins, the producers of the Evil Dead reboot have been hunting around for a replacement female lead. Now they have one, in the shape of Jane Levy.

She’s signing on as Mia, the Ash-but-not-Ash of this new take on Sam Raimi’s cult hit. Mia is a girl struggling with the aftermath of a drug overdose, and decides that some time away with friends in a remote cabin might just be what she needs to feel better.

Unfortunately, the gang of five (including recent hire Shiloh Fernandez) stumble on the Book Of The Dead and Mia starts to be bedevilled by nasty demonic types. And most of the others don’t realise that she’s telling the truth until it’s much too late…

Director Fede Alvarez has written this new version along with Rodo Sayagues, and Diablo Cody gave it a polish. With the cast finally starting to come together, the film may well start shooting next month, especially since it has to hit an April 12, 2013 release date in the US.

Levy is currently best known for her role on US sitcom Suburgatory (which is actually rather good). She previously had a short run on the American version of Shameless and will appear in Josh Schwartz’ Halloween comedy Fun Size and in Nobody Walks alongside John Krasinski.