Jamie Campbell-Bower Talks New Moon

Exclusive: A Volturi fills us in

Jamie Campbell-Bower will be lucky to escape the next couple of years with his hearing intact: he's in New Moo**n and Harry Potter 7 and 8, placing him at the very epicentre of the most massive fanquakes the planet has ever seen. The actor was in surprisingly calm form at the Public Enemies **premiere, though, where he told us about his role as a leader of the Volturi in the second instalment of the vampire saga. "His name is Caius and he is perpetually angry, I believe. He's really upset because he, unlike the rest of the Volturi, doesn't have any powers."

Bummer. Luckily, Campbell-Bower can fall back on the rest of the Italian vampiric clan, including Michael Sheen's head honcho Aro, to bring the pain. So how much did the British up-and-comer know about the Volturi before he signed up? "Obviously I read the books and did a lot of research, it's a fanbase movie - the books were so big. There is a definite pressure there to perform it as it was envisioned to be."

Sticking to the New Moon omerta, Campbell-Bower was keeping frustratingly schtum on whether New Moon would feature any surprises that didn't appear in the book ("You'll have to wait until November!"), but hints that fans of the first movie won't be disappointed: "I wish I could tell you about the look. It looks great, it looks fantastic."

The Twilight Saga: New Moon is out in the UK on November 27.