Jai Courtney Will Die Hard

As John McClane's son in the new film

Bruce Willis, director John Moore and their 20th Century Fox backers have been on a months-long hunt for some young guy to play Jack McClane, AKA John’s son in the latest outing, A Good Day To Die Hard. And now, according to Deadline, the list has been whittled down to exactly one: Jai Courtney.

He’ll join Willis in the film, which sees McClane heading to Moscow to tackle some nasty gangster types. Along the way, we meet Jack, who, it turns out, is a real chip off the old block and as much of a tough guy as the old man. But – much as he was with Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Lucy – John is estranged from his son so there’s going to be plenty of tension before the pair work out their issues (or at least some of them) in time to kick butt together. Skip Woods wrote the script and Moore will be calling the shots ready for a February 14, 2013 release both here and across the pond.

The young Aussie actor’s career has been taking off recently, and while he’s best known for his work as Varro in Spartacus: Blood And Sand, he’s also been seen in the movie Stone Bros. Courtney just finished work on a small role in One Shot opposite Tom Cruise and he’s attached to star alongside Aaron Eckhart in I, Frankenstein.

Somewhere, Liam Hemsworth (who made it to the final two against Courtney) is having a drink to commiserate, before consoling himself with the knowledge that he’ll be seen just as much soon thanks to a little film called The Hunger Games.