Jack Reacher Headed To Screen

One Shot For History Of Violence Writer

Lee Child's enormously successful Jack Reacher series is finally headed to the screen, with the news that A History of Violence scribe Josh Olsen is set to adapt One Shot for the screen.

The ninth Jack Reacher book, One Shot starts with the killing of five innocent civilians in a shopping mall by a sniper. A man is arrested, apparently red-handed, but proclaims his innocence and demands that former United States Army Police Major Jack Reacher be contacted. Sure enough, when Reacher (now a drifter) turns up, he smells a rat and sets about finding the real culprit.

Reacher is described in the books as a blond haired, blue-eyed 6'5" giant of a man, with a penchant for coffee and the blues and an uncanny ability to know the time despite rarely wearing a watch.

So it looks like Paramount believes that old Mae West line, about a hard man being good to find. Olsen compared the story to that of Dirty Harry, and says he plans on writing a "tough, smart, action-oriented thriller".