Iron Maiden's Flight 666 Set To Take-Off

Rockumentary has April release date

Hot news for fans of Bruce Dickinson’s heavy metal dinosaurs, – Iron Maiden: Flight 666, a documentary or, if you will, rockumentary about the group’s recent world tour, has just been snapped up by Arts Alliance, with a view to an April 21 release in selected cinemas. Astonishing.

The film, named after the Iron Maiden jet that Dickinson himself flew from location to location, will revolve around the first leg of the legendary British band’s Somewhere Back In Time tour.

Obviously, the potential for this to be a real-life Spinal Tap is enormous, so we await this with bated breath. Hopefully, we’ll see it before it opens – we’ve got a clash on April 21. We’re bringing our daughter to a slaughter. Oh God.