ID4 Goes 3D In 2013

Alien attack gets Titanic treatment

If you watched Independence Day when it arrived back in 1996 and thought, “This is nice, but I really wish the White House could explode all over my face,” we worry about you and would prefer not to sit next to you in a cinema. But the bosses at 20th Century Fox were clearly thinking something similar, because the alien invasion blockbuster will be getting a shiny 3D makeover for 2013.

Capitalising on the profits earned by the re-released Titanic, the studio is working with Stereo 3D (which did the conversion on James Cameron’s film) to bring Roland Emmerich’s patriotic explosion-fest back to screens. The film is slipping into a July 3, 2013 release date, which has just been vacated by Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse.

And who knows? If the 3D re-release is a success, it might kick-start work on the long-mooted ID4 sequels...

That's just one of the big movies arriving in 2013, with Ben Stiller's equally long-mooted The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty aiming for a Christmas release, Walking With Dinosaurs targeting December 20, Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters on deck on August 16 and the just-announced ‘toon Epic, which hits on May 24.

But we have to ask: does Independence Day need a 3D makeover? Sound off in the comments and over the Twitter feed…