The Hobbit Becoming A Reality?

MGM may be close to announcing it

Long-winded business articles in the trade magazines often contain some nuggets of interesting info, and a piece on MGM in Variety has revealed exactly that.

Variety reports that MGM is gearing back up into the big-film distribution business and is apparently on the verge of announcing some hefty titles.

How hefty you ask? How about The Hobbit? MGM chief Harry Sloan is on record stating that he hopes the company can lure Peter Jackson back to direct one or possibly two films based on the book. Which sounds dandy – Jackson has said he’d love to do it in the past, but does this mean the rights issues are now cleared up? We’re not so sure. MGM apparently plans a co-production with New Line, but we’re filing this one strictly under “believe it when it’s in cinemas”.

Also mentioned are slightly more likely films – the fourth Terminator outing, which we know is travelling naked through development time – and a sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair, which has previously been announced (The Topkapi Affair).

But we know that what you're all really excited about is the previously reported Pink Panther sequel. No, put those fists down - some of you must have gone to see it, so you only have yourselves to blame.