Harrison Ford Back For Star Wars VII?

There's talk of him making a deal

Han Solo, Star Wars

Time to dig out that Star Wars Rumour Alert siren we stole from a Star Destroyer (at the cost of many Bothans’ lives, but we figure they’re used to it by now): the mighty scoop hounds over at Latino Review are reporting that Harrison Ford has made a deal to return for Star Wars VII.

This has yet to be confirmed by Disney or Ford, though the Review crew have been enjoying a successful run of leak reporting and Ford has previously said he's open to the idea, so it could well turn out to be true.

No details have emerged about what it might entail should this emerge blinking into reality, but you’d got to figure it’s so that Han and likely Luke and Leia can show up as their older selves in Episode VII, which JJ Abrams is directing from Michael Arndt’s script.

Though Ford hasn’t always expressed big love for working on Star War**s movies, he has previously shown willingness to return to the franchises that launched his career, even if we might have wished he’d passed on Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull**…