Greg Mclean Says Kill Me Three Times

New project for Wolf Creek director

Investment problems and contractual issues have scuppered Wolf Creek 2 until next year, but director Greg Mclean is keeping busy. He's just signed on for Kill Me Three Times, a noirish sounding thriller starring Alice Braga.

Braga (On The Road) has the lead role, seemingly as some sort of femme fatale who manages to be the centre of no fewer than three violent plot strands covering "murder, blackmail and revenge" in the apparently not-so-quiet Australian surfing town of Eagle's Point. Abbie Cornish (Bright Star), Ben Mendelsohn (Killing Me Softly), and Sullivan Stapleton (Gangster Squad) are co-starring in as-yet unspecified roles.

“From the moment Larry [Malkin, producer] sent me the script, to the moment I breathlessly put it down with the words, ‘I must make this movie’ pounding through my mind, the project has become an obsession,” says Mclean. “To have such great actors on board is a dream come true.”

“It’s a tribute to Greg and the script that we were able to assemble such an amazing cast,” Malkin adds. “Australia is a fantastic place to make movies and we’re dying to have another great experience, this time on a thriller.”

Oddly, given how much everyone loves the screenplay, nobody so far has mentioned who actually wrote it. We'll try to find out for you, before shooting starts at the end of the year.