Gosling Replacing Jackman On Drive?

And Refn replacing Marshall?

We spoke to Nicolas Winding Refn, writer/director of last year's Bronson and the upcoming Valhalla Rising, yesterday, and he had some interesting words about the next film he's planning to make.

"Hopefully next is a movie with Ryan Gosling at a studio in America. It's called Drive, and it's about a stuntman by day, a getaway driver by night." When we followed up, he said that that central character was Ryan Gosling's part, and that it's set in LA. So far, so no big shock - but last we heard about Drive, Hugh Jackman was lined up to star in it, and Neil Marshall was looking at directing.

Still, the project, based on James Sallis' novel, hasn't moved very far since 2008, so it could be that a new star and director will get it moving again. After the success of the low budget Bronson, and after displaying a flair for violence in the almost dreamlike Valhalla Rising, this could be a good fit.