Gordon-Levitt Up For Justice League?

Rumours link him to the film...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - The Dark Knight Rises

Though a certain saga set in a galaxy far, far away is currently the biggest topic of rumour, there is still plenty of life in speculation over who and what will be part of Warner Bros.' Justice League film, which is aiming at a 2015 launch. Now Hitfix’s Drew McWeeny has sources telling him that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is moving from likely candidate to early casting talks.

Of course, nothing has officially been announced about the film beyond Gangster Squad’s Will Beall writing at least a few drafts of the script. So this remains in the world of the rumour for now.

But it’s certainly a tantalising one, given that – spoiler alert here for anyone who still hasn’t seen The Dark Knight Rises or any discussion thereof and might complain – Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake is A) revealed to have the legal name Robin and B) appears to take on the Bat-mantle at the end.

McWeeny, who is not a man to run any old rumour, has it that Gordon-Levitt will indeed be taking on the full Bat-duty for Justice League. He even goes so far as to speculate upon a Marvel-style cameo from this Batman at the end of Man Of Steel, though that seems much more doubtful, even if Zack Snyder has begun hinting at the idea of a shared continuity between his film and the eventual League project.

So… What do you lot think? Plausible? And if so, do you want to see JGL going full cowl? Make your feelings known in the usual manner!