Ghost House Gets Adapting R L Stine

The Sitter to become horror The Au Pair

Remember when you were about 11 and you used to read R L Stine books for a scare? Well, Sam Raimi's Ghost House Productions has picked up The Sitter to turn into a new scary movie currently called The Au Pair, which is a bit more sophisticated and international, daaahling.

The story has a 24 year old called Ellie quit her temping jobs and stalker-esque ex-boyfriend in the city of New York to spend a summer in the Hamptons as a nanny. But there, strange things start to happen. The 4 year-old she's looking after is a bit creepy and disturbed; she starts to receive disturbing gifts, and to see a long-dead face in the crowd. What's going on? Spoiler: it's something scary!

Dana Stevens is set to write the adaptation and executive produce, after working with Raimi before on For Love Of The Game. There's no word on a director or cast yet, however.