Get Scared With A New Extraterrestrial UK Poster And Trailer

These E.T.s are definitely not going to be content with a phone call

If you're struggling to keep your adrenalin levels up in the final hours of the working week, we have just the thing! This new trailer and poster for Extraterrestrial should give you a few scares to keep you awake and alert until 6pm, although they may leave you watching the skies with suspicion.

brightcove.createExperiences();The film focuses on Brittany Allen's April, in a funk since her parents' divorce, who is dragged to the woodland cabin where she spent many childhood summers (wait, this sounds worrying). But for once it's not rednecks, monsters, demons or government experiments that she and her friends have to worry about. Nope, this time it's what crashes in the woods near the cabin from the sky, setting off a major struggle for survival.

Freddie Stroma also stars as April's boyfriend, and features Gil Bellows and Michael Ironside among the more senior cast members. It's all directed by Colin Minihan, and will hit UK screens on October 29.{Extraterrestrial Stills}