New Wall•E Poster Online

Look at de widdle face

Disney has released a new poster for next year's Wall•E and, yes, it's as absurdly cute as everything else we've seen of this movie. The little title character looks like a fledgling version of Number 5 from Short Circuit. Click below for a better look.

One thing that's extremely impressive is how the geniuses at Pixar have managed to put emotion into the eyes, which are not even the eyes of a living thing. We've seen movies with almost photo-real humans – Final Fantasy, Polar Express, Beowulf – and all have struggled with the eyes. But it really looks like something's going on behind the little metal retinas on this guy. The reflected stars are a nice touch too.

Wall•E is set to be Pixar's most ambitious project since Toy Story. The tale of a clean-up robot left alone on a rubbish smothered Earth is said to be almost dialogue free and word is that it will feature Pixar's first live-action character, to be played by Fred Willard. It sounds quite risky, but it's already looking fantastic and we absolutely love that a company like Pixar, which could easily churn out buddy movies for a few years without anyone complaining, is taking some big chances. Absolutely can't wait for this one.