Gangster Squad Trailer Arrives

Brolin & Gosling crack down on crime

There have been pictures and stories, but until now we haven’t gotten a good look at Ruben Fleischer’s new, 1940s-set crime thriller Gangster Squad. The trailer has finally arrived and you can take a gander below.

Gangster Squad stars Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn in the based-in-truth tale of a hard nut cadre of LAPD cops formed to tackle an influx of gangsters from the East Coast led by Penn’s Mickey Cohen.

With the crime lords sweeping through the Southland bringing drugs, guns, prostitution and corruption in their wake, the Los Angeles cops faced more problems with bribery and fraud than ever before. So chief Bill Parker (Nick Nolte) assigns Brolin’s John O’Mara to recruit some honest officers to lead the assault on Cohen’s criminals. Their one big advantage? They were going in with all guns blazing, and without worrying about arresting anyone. Gosling is Jerry Wooters, one of the early recruits, who investigates Cohen and falls for his girlfriend, Grace Faraday (Stone). It’ll be a dangerous infatuation…

Though Gangster Squad losing its US release date and floating around the schedule worried us, this trailer is a definite reassurance that the movie could be something special. Zombieland man Fleischer looks to have delivered a stylish, unflinching little tale of tough cops and scheming mobsters. The film is currently set for a November 9 release over here, but that may change depending on what happens across the pond.