G.I. Joe Character Posters Online

Roadblock and co get pictured

With the promotional hype gaze swinging more recently to the likes of those soon-to-arrive Avengers from Marvel and Spider-Man’s rebooted return, the team behind G.I. Joe: Retaliation have decided to strike decisively to make sure we all remember that the military team is headed back to cinemas this summer. Their idea? Character posters sprinkled across the Interwebs, which have now been collected at and can be seen in the gallery below.

The images largely see the Joes (and villain Cobra Commander) suited up in battle gear with one or two exceptions – Adrianne Palicki’s Lady Jaye is rocking a tank top, while Bruce Willis’ Joe Colton is in a natty suit – and all standing in flames, which, if you ask us, doesn’t look safe. But that’s why we’re not part of an elite fighting unit.

Interestingly, Channing Tatum’s Duke is included, whereas the focus previously has been on the likes of Dwayne Johnson’s Roadblock and Elodie Yung’s Jinx.

If you weren’t aware already, the new Joe adventure finds our heroes double-crossed and framed for capital crimes by Cobra Commander and Zartan (Arnold Vosloo). With the bad guys in charge of the White House, it’s up to the remaining Joes to fight back, which leads to them recruiting Willis’ Colton, the original Joe.

brightcove.createExperiences();G.I. Joe: Retaliation marches in on August 3.