Full Iron Sky Trailer Lands

Space Nazis must fly!

A moon base run by a secret, secluded group of Nazis spawned from those who fled to the dark side of that foreboding rock years ago? A war-happy president looking to keep her election prospects safe while kicking the butt of the Third Reich remnants? Zeppelins? Udo Kier? It can truly only be one film: Iron Sky. The final trailer is here and can be watched below.

Yes, the OTT Finnish comedy is finally, um, finished and, after finding funding and making its way through a lengthy post-production process, the madness is ready to invade cinemas.

The crazed plot posits that the Nazis had a space base hidden on the moon that managed to survive the end of World War II. They’ve been slowly drawing up their plans to return and reclaim their self-proclaimed position as the dominant force in the world. But when their hideout is discovered by accident by US astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kidby), they decided to move things ahead of schedule. The US President (Stephanie Paul doing a blatant Sarah Palin) decides to respond to the invasion with force and the result is a big, honkin’ battle. (Incidentally, the President's wrong about one thing at least: starting a war didn't get George HW Bush re-elected for a second term).

It looks like a lot of fun, and will be touching down here on April 20. Watch the skies!