Full Iron Man 3 Teaser Trailer Arrives

UPDATE: Now with five new stills

The tease is over: following yesterday's flurry of activity, here is the full-blown first trailer for Iron Man 3. And it looks as if Tony Stark has been having rather a rough time of it since the summer's shenanigans in New York.

We start with a snowbound Stark, post-some sort of crash, explaining that he feels the need to apologise. Then there's some business with the newfangled organic Extremis armour leaping onto Stark's hand. We also learn that he's been having trouble sleeping lately. That's presumably exacerbated by a nightmarish moment when a man in his own red and gold armour wakes up Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts in the middle of the night.

Action beats include an impromptu mid-air ejection from an aeroplane, and a helicopter attack on chez Stark, leading to a spectacular crumble into the ocean. We also get glimpses of Rebecca Hall, Guy Pearce, and of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, who tells us he's a teacher rather than a terrorist, and that there's no such thing as heroes. Harsh. And which version of the armour is Stark towing at the end there?

"Full" is an exaggeration: this is still short enough to qualify as a teaser, so expect much more in the coming months. Iron Man 3, of course, stars Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow as well as newcomers Kingsley and Pearce. Shane Black has taken over directing duties from Jon Favreau this time, and the film's out in the UK a week earlier than in the States, on April 26.

UPDATE: Five new Iron Man 3 stills, both from the trailer and elsewhere, have arrived and you can check them out below, as well as a teaser poster from yesterday.

{Iron Man 3 Teaser Poster}