Full Carrie Trailer Is Here

Pray for forgiveness...

Cast your mind back to last October, when the teaser trailer for the new version of Carrie brought us mostly voice-over and just a quick glimpse of the tragic, vengeful titular high-school girl (played, in this instance, by Chloe Moretz). This time around, we get a proper introduction to the world that director Kimberly Peirce has built around her, so go and have a look.

This new take on the character keeps the basic story drawn from Stephen King’s novel intact. Carrie White is an outcast at school – looked down upon by the cliquey popular girls and just wishing she could fit in.

Her mother Margaret (Julianne Moore, finally seen in full religious fervour) is no help – she’s a fundamentalist who thinks pretty much everything her daughter wants out of life leads straight to eternal damnation. And she’s not above locking her in a cupboard. But Carrie has powers. Psychokinetic powers. When the endless teasing from classmates and the savage tough love from her mother becomes too great... things start to happen. Bad things. Very bad things.

Pierce and co have a lot to live up to in the shadow of Brian De Palma’s iconic original, but the footage on display here is certainly enough to instil some measure of confidence.

We’ll have to wait until November 29 to see Carrie in cinemas. For more, take a look at the entry on the film in our massive 2013 preview.