Friday The 13th Remake Has A Lead

And it's...

Marcus Nispel’s Friday The 13th remake – which starts shooting on April 21 – has found its damsel in distress.

Amanda Righetti – a 24 year-old actress who’s been seen in a run of The O.C. episodes – is in final negotiations to play the lead in the movie, which will be filmed in Austin, Texas.

She joins the already-cast Jared Padalecki and Derek Mears, who will play the film’s iconic slasher, Jason Voorhees.

We don’t know much about Righetti, frankly, but first glance shows that she’s a looker, which might indicate that this Friday The 13th will be a glossier proposition than the original, whose lead, Adrienne King, was commendably ordinary.

King, of course, spent the last 20-30 minutes of that movie running around in a state of sheer terror after each of her Camp Crystal Lake counsellor friends were bumped off one by one, so we’ll be intrigued to see if this Friday follows the same pattern. Or will it be more of an ensemble piece?

Only time will tell. The movie is currently lined up for release on February 13, 2009. Surely we don’t need to say, ‘see what they did there?’