Fox Plans Susan Boyle Biopic

Planning a 'sensitive and honest' film

Susan Boyle

Though she hasn’t been in the headlines recently, it would appear that the enduring appeal of spBritain’s Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle has reached the next stage of worldwide awareness, because someone wants to make a biopic about her. That someone is Fox Searchlight’s Lucas Webb.

The executive has snapped up Boyle’s life rights, along with the option to adapt musical I Dreamed A Dream. The eventual plan is to blend both into a film about Boyle’s life that will be full of music.

I Dreamed A Dream – named, of course, for the song from Les Miserables that launched Boyle into ‘net and then mainstream stardom after performing it on BGT in 2009 – chronicles her life from infancy in Scotland to the rigours of sudden international fame. The show has been touring the UK before heading to Australia and the West End.

This one is still at an early stage with no writer, director or cast yet, but expect Fox to pursue it with Simon Cowell-like intensity.