Fox Buys Up Choose Your Own Adventure Book Rights

Which book will it choose first?

1. You learn that 20th Century Fox and Chronicle producer John Davis want to turn the 1980s Choose Your Own Adventures books into a film. If you think this sounds like a decent idea, go to 3. If you hate the idea, head for 2.

2. Since you have no interest, this is where your news story ends.

3. You continue reading, finding out that Fox and Davis Entertainment have bought up the rights from one of the original creators, R.A. Montgomery, planning to churn out various films, TV series and probably video games from the concept of books where you got to choose how things played out. If you wish to know more, go to 5. To forget it, and think about purchasing tickets for Man Of Steel, read 4.

4. You attempt to buy tickets for the new Superman film but are eaten by a ravenous Michael “I WILL FIND HIM!” Shannon. Your adventure ends here.

5. As the story unfolds, you discover that Edward Packard came up with the original concept for the books, but couldn’t get his idea off the ground until 1975, when he joined forces with Montgomery. While initial sales were slow, the stories took off following a deal with Bantam Books and became a massive hit. Want to find out what happened to the partners after that? Go to 7. If you’d rather watch a trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, you’ll want to instead find 6.

6. You watch the trailer, found here, and lose 16 hours thinking up fan-fiction that crossbreeds Sherlock with Martin Freeman encountering Smaug.

7. As you dig more deeply into the background, you find out that Packard and Montgomery used to write all the books themselves, but ended up sub-contracting the work. Packard eventually broke up the partnership, and split the rights to the stories between the two of them. Now Montgomery’s Chooseco LLC company is partly behind the deal. It’s early days for the project, and no decisions have been made about where (or when) the first adventure will be set. Nor is there a writer or director attached just yet. To finish on a high, make your way to 8. For a more dramatic finale, you’ll need 9.

8. 'Hopefully,' you think, 'this could turn out to be an intriguing idea for a movie, even if the concept of choose your own adventure is a little difficult to replicate in a cinema.' Then you get to look at this.

9. ‘Can this really work?’ you wonder to yourself. It sets off a cascading existential crisis that can only be solved by going and booking tickets for Man Of Steel. See 4.