Fourth Trip To Jurassic Park Planned

First in a new trilogy?

Because you can't keep a good prehistoric reptile down, the Jurassic Park franchise is once again stirring somewhere on an island off the coast of Costa Rica, itching to once again take over the world. Yes, director Joe Johnston, while doing the rounds for The Wolfman, has been discussing plans for Jurassic Park IV.

Talking to, he said, "Well, there is going to be a Jurassic Park IV. And it's going to be unlike anything you've seen. It breaks away from the first three—it's essentially the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy. It's going to be done in a completely different way."

He wouldn't discuss story with them, but he said, "We don't want to make sequel after sequel just because there's a market for it. We want to tell different, interesting stories."

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