Fourth Beverly Hills Cop Planned

Eddie Murphy's back, Ratner to direct

Rocky. Rambo. Die Hard. Indiana Jones. Wait, there's one '80s action franchise that hasn't recently had a fourth instalment! What about Beverly Hills Cop? Is it racism? We were going to write an article called 80s Action Franchises Are Sitting On Top Of The World, but now we might as well call it 80s Action Franchises Can Sit On Top Of The World Just As Long As They Don't Star A Black Man, Cause... Oh, wait. They've just announced a *Beverly Hills Cop IV, with Eddie Murphy set to return as Axel Foley. Er. Carry on.

Yes, Murphy is back in the role that transformed him from comedy hit to megastar and allowed his entourage to swell from zero to 107 (probably). He pitched the project to Paramount, who leapt aboard the idea, having recently worked with Murphy on the upcoming Nowhereland.

The studio talked to a number of directors before choosing Brett Ratner for the job, presumably having realised that the Rush Hour films are wannabe BHCs anyway, and that this sort of material should play very close to Ratner's strengths.

There's no writer or plot as yet, but we're going to go ahead and guess that Axel Foley (Murphy) will find himself investigating a murder in which he has a personal stake in Beverly Hills. Fast-talking and much culture-clash will follow if you ask us. I know, we're crazy that way.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura will produce, with original producer Jerry Bruckheimer apparently not involved. Expect some explosions anyway; just maybe not as many.

So, does this bring a sense of completion to your 80s nostalgia? Is there anyone else you'd like to see return? And will Ratner do it justice?

*For the uninitiated / forgetful, this is a riff on Foley's efforts to scam his way in to the Beverly Palm Hotel in the first film.