Flight Of The Navigator Gets A Reboot

Disney to remake 1986 space flick

Disney have already revived Tron from its '80s lights-and-leotards resting place, and now it is planning to do the same for classic kids-in-space adventure, Flight of the Navigator.

It comes as no surprise after the success of this spring's Race To Witch Mountain, which saw Disney bring new life to another family sci-fi franchise. It will join the raft of remakes currently in production, set to pay tribute to the childhoods of twenty and thirty-somethings everywhere, such as The Neverending Story and The Karate Kid.

Navigator, which has the most memorable dog-based opening sequence in any film, will be taken in hand by Arrested Development and Wild Hogs writer Brad Copeland, and produced by the duo about to bring us Bruce Willis in Surrogates, David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman. Executive producer of the 1986 film, John Hyde, will oversee the proceesings here also.

Flight of the Navigator was an unremarkable cinema release, despite having offered this fun-packed trailer to promote the film in advance. However, audiences warmed to it when it came to video, where it was a runaway success.

The original, which featured soon to be clothes-horse Sarah Jessica Parker, followed the mysterious return of a boy (Joey Cramer) missing for eight years whose reappearance, still aged 12, sparks a NASA investigation as they realise aliens are involved. As they attempt to exploit him and his lack of memory of the events, he stages an escape attempt using the spacecraft to get back home to his family.

Expect cameos galore and super shiny CGI spaceships as our hazy memory of Flight of the Navigator bites the dust. But which of our 20 under 20 could play the lead role of David?