Flags Of Our Fathers Gets A Trailer

A combo effort with Red Sun, Black Sand

In an unusual move, Warner Brothers has combined trailer footage from both of Clint Eastwood’s Iwo Jima movies into one big reel.

If you head on over here to Warners’ Japan site, you’ll be able to check out the trailer, which features material from both Flags Of Our Fathers, Clint’s look at the American side of the battle for the crucial island during World War II and Red Sun, Black Sand, which tells the story of how the Japanese defended the place for 40 days. Red Sun, by the way, might be changing its name to Letters From Iwo Jima, though there's no word on whether that's just for Japan or everywhere.

With the likes of Neal McDonough, Jamie Bell, Paul Walker and Jesse Bradford in Flags and Red Sun featuring Ken Watanabe as real-life general Tadamichi, both films look to be the sort of epic drama that gets award voters hot under the collar. We’ll all know for sure once Flags arrives in cinemas this December.