First Pic From Wolverine The Movie!

Claws out!

After completely stealing the show in three X-Men films in a row, it's good to see that the rest of the cast have just given up and let Wolverine have his own film. And the first official picture from it is online here now, looking white vest-tastic and more than a little peeved.

The awkwardly titled X-Men Origins: Wolverine, sees the reappearance of some familiar characters in a younger guise: Liev Schreiber plays Sabretooth and Michael C.Hall is the young William Stryker. Wolvie himself, natch, doesn't age so he'll still be Hugh Jackman (although young Kodi Smit-McPhee will play a child Logan in flashbacks).

From this pic, he appears to be stuck in a Weapon X made-cage following the application of large amounts of molten metal to every single one of his bones (we've always wondered: even those tiny ones in the ear?) and the addition of claws to his hands*. Either that, or an evil dentist, just out of shot, has asked to see his teeth and Logan's not happy about it but is going along on pain of root canal.

Wolverine is due in May of next year, which is, by our calculations, not soon enough.

*Note to fanboys: the X-rays in the first movie certainly made them look man-made rather than organic bone claws. So for now let's assume they were added not inate.