First Look At Dead Of Night

Supes' Brandon Routh as Dylan Dog

Brandon Routh's follow-up breakthrough after Superman Returns has been a long time coming, but from the looks of these first pictures from Dead Of Night, wherein Routh plays supernatural detective Dylan Dog, this could be it.

The story's based on the horror comics by Tiziani Sclavi, named after Dylan Dog. He's a sort of "nightmare investigator", whose job takes him into contact with ghouls and ghosts and monsters in general. Sam Huntingdon plays his zombie sidekick Marcus, and a first picture of him was also posted today on Movieweb.

First Look At Dead Of Night
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Also starring in the film are Taye Diggs, Peter Stormare, Anita Briem and Kurt Angle. Kevin Munroe, of TMNT, is directing, with the film currently shooting in New Orleans. Fingers crossed that this finally allows Routh, a thoroughly nice man, to escape the curse of Superman.