First Amazing Spider-Man Clip

Peter Parker denied access!

The promotional campaign for The Amazing Spider-Man is now in full swing, what with the massive, multi-country footage screening and all manner of trailers, photos and posters online. Now the first full clip has arrived, and it’s full of everything you might expect from the adventures of Peter Parker. Take a look below.

Everything, of course, assuming that by that you expect him to appear in the lanky form of Andrew Garfield being hassled at the door to Gwen Stacey’s building by an officious Noo Yawk doorman (played by John Scurti, who is usually found getting into trouble alongside fellow Amazing Spider-Man actor Denis Leary on TV’s Rescue Me).

If you’re hoping for explosions, web-slinging, roaring lizard beasts or the lovely Emma Stone as Gwen, you’re better off checking out the trailer again. Still, it’s a good indication of the humour that will run through the film.

This footage first cropped up on the film’s viral site, which has been encouraging graffiti artists (okay, it’s just a stunt) and promises more goodies to come. Hopefully that will include more tantalising footage.

And if you want to see the whole film in one sitting, you’ll have to wait until July 4. Which is the day we declare our independence! From… not being able to see The Amazing Spider-Man in cinemas. So that’s nice.