Exclusive: Two Brand New Taken 3 Images

Prepare yourself for yet more Mills and boom

The trouble with Bryan Mills is that he's always in trouble. Ever since he bought his daughter that karaoke machine, things have been coming a cropper in an explosive fashion, and with Taken 3 on its way, it seems like there's been precious little respite between Taken 2 - Bryan Mills himself gets taken - and... whatever happens in Taken 3; it's still not clear. Perhaps these two exclusive stills, from the new issue of Empire, hold the clues.

Speaking to Empire, star Liam Neeson and director Olivier Megaton offer up a few titbits, with the former saying "There's an amazing car chase down the wrong way of a freeway in Los Angeles" and the latter saying "It's like The Fugitive. Bryan is going to be chased through the whole movie, he's going to be in danger much more."

This one takes place entirely in the City of Angels, and no, no-one actually gets taken this time around - Neeson insisted on it.

"I said, 'I'm dead serious, guys,' says Neeson. 'My daughter certainly can't be taken, and I can't be taken.'" And when Liam Neeson says something should be done a certain way, it's done a certain way.

But you want more photos of and angry on-the-run Liam Neeson, a scared-as-heck Maggie Grace and a detectivey - our term - Forest Whitaker, and that's understandable. Say thank you to USA Today, then, for these three other snaps for you perusing pleasure.

{Other Taken 3 Stills}

Be sure to find out more about Tak3n - as no-one is calling it, hopefully - in the new issue of Empire, out on Thursday, September 25. Taken 3 itself, meanwhile, is out on January 9, 2015.

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