Exclusive: Tim Story Talks Losers

FF2 director on future comic adaptation

Speaking exclusively to Empire at the World Premiere of Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, Tim Story talked briefly about his recently announced appointment as director of the big screen adaptation of critically lauded comic series The Losers.

With the news of Story’s involvement only breaking on Monday, the project is still in relatively early stages: “I read the script about a month ago”, revealed the bespectacled helmer. “I didn’t know anything about it, but I went and read all the comics and really got into the idea of making the movie…so here we go.” Here we go indeed. The idea of turning the Andy Diggle-penned/Jock-illustrated espionage extravaganza into movie gold has been on the cards ever since the comics hit the shelves three years ago. This is unsurprising, when you consider the host of exotic locations, cooler-than-cool characters, major weaponry and wicked humour that make the adventures of the disparate band of ex-special forces agents such rich pickings for the screen.

“Peter Berg has written the script and he’s also producing, so I’ve been able to go and talk to him about it. This is definitely going to be an edgier film for me”, added Story. But exactly how edgy? The Losers comics are filled with people regularly getting various bits of body blown to smithereens – pints of blood included: “Well, we’re not looking to make it an R rating as far as I know, but it’s going to be an edgy PG-13. So, yeah, definitely edgier…as edgy as I’ve ever done.”

The Losers is expected to hit screens in 2009.

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