Exclusive: Simon Pegg Talks Scotty

Something approximating news.

We tried everything we could, short of pulling out a fire-arm or viciously beating him about the head and neck, to get something out of Simon Pegg about the plot of Star Trek. He wasn't playing ball, so we subjected him to wedgies of galactic proportions. Here's what Pegg, sporting unusually brown hair, would say:

On the current status of filming: "It’s going great. I’ve completed my scenes but I’ve got to go back in two weeks to do some effects stuff. But otherwise I’ve done it and I think it’s going to be fantastic."

On how his Scotty compared to James Doohan's from the original series: "Everything is just a tribute to James Doohan and it’s his role. I’m just very honoured to be able to step into his shoes. I just hope I do him proud".

On doing the Scottish accent: "I can’t really tell you what kind of Scotty he’s going to be because I’ll get sued. My wife is Scottish so I just channelled her merry accent and hopefully that’ll work."

On his favourite moment, as a Star Trek geek: “Just being there on the Enterprise, it was incredible. You’re going to love it."

So, yeah, nothing. Thanks a lot, Simon. We'll get you for this. (Actually, we quite love you. But not as much as we love Nick Frost's enormous sideburns).

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