Exclusive: Optimus Prime Arrives!

World exclusive look at Transformers!

“One shall stand, one shall fall” said the greatest Transformer of them all. But that was twenty years ago and a lot has changed in robot world since then. Optimus Prime – leader of the Autobots and all round good egg – is back and so is his evil nemesis Megatron. Oh yes, 2007 looks set to be the year of the Robot In Disguise and to celebrate, Empire has been granted a very, very special Transformers treat.

Yes, Empire’s new cover is led by the first world exclusive shot of the new, shiny, totally-rocking Optimus Prime. With director Michael Bay, producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura and one Steven Spielberg all fuelling Empire’s excitement by getting the boys and girls at ILM to work overtime on the Prime image, the result is everything you’d expect from a Transformer – imposing, powerful and awe-inspiring. Roll on July 27.

Click the thumbnail below to view the cover in full.

The new issue of Empire will be on sale January 2nd 2007.