Exclusive New Poster For Corin Hardy's The Hallow

And the director talks about his monster movie...

Freshly recruited to helm The Crow remake, thanks in part to references provided by one Edgar Wright, British director Corin Hardy will be showing off his filmmaking bona fides first hand next year when his debut horror The Hallow hits our screens. The monster movie has a first-look poster we’re delighted to be sharing with you right here. Click below for a closer peek. Just maybe not too close… With its director citing classic horrors like The Evil Dead, Alien and The Thing as boyhood inspirations, The Hallow will mingle the real-world and the fantastical in a way that should thrill fans of early Guillermo Del Toro. It tells the tale of a conservationist (The Awakening’s Joseph Mawle), his wife (Drag Me To Hell’s Bojana Novakovic) and their wee’un who move into the Irish countryside where they soon unwittingly disturb the local wildlife. And by ‘wildlife’, we probably mean ‘monsterlife’.

Says Hardy: “It’s an honour to have our teaser poster for my first film, The Hallow (formerly working-titled 'The Woods'), brought to the world via Empire. Getting into Sundance feels like the perfect place to unleash it, crawling from the darkness and into the cinema. I hope Empire readers enjoy the ride when the film arrives next year, but until then, a word of warning – especially for any readers living close to any forest or stretch of woodland...The Hallow are coming for all you hold dear.”

The Hallow will debut as one of Sundance’s Midnight screenings in late January, before arriving on UK screens later in 2015. Look out for more news on Hardy’s new take on The Crow, which has Luke Evans attached as the titular antihero, as we get it.