Exclusive New Big Game Trailer

'He's a certified, grade-A psychopath'

Fresh from unleashing mountain mayhem in the opening scenes of Kingsman: The Secret Service, Samuel L. Jackson is back in the snow for another actioner, Big Game, which has a new trailer and poster to debut here.

This one is set in the wilds of Finland and sees him swapping hats from arch-villain to US President. The wrinkle? He’s been blasted out of the sky by some terrorist types and must survive when his escape pod lands in a hostile and wintry landscape. But the Prez has two advantages: one, a 13 year-old Finnish boy with all the survival skills he lacks, and, two, he’s Sam ruddy Jackson. If anyone’s well-versed in the snowy passes of the righteous man, it’s him. Click on the image below for a closer look at the new poster. Ranged against him in Jalmari ‘Rare Exports’ Helander throwback action flick are some well-equipped baddies who soon pick up the unlikely duo’s trail. It’s a winningly zany-looking execution of an action premise well-worn by films like Escape From New York, Cliffhanger and The Most Dangerous Game. And, frankly, any movie that has Jim Broadbent playing a top CIA analyst has us sold.

Big Game hits our screens on May 8 sporting supporting turns from Ray Stevenson, Felicity Huffman, Ted Levine, Victor Garber, with Helander’s old Rare Exports’ alum Onni Tommila taking on the teen pathfinder role.