Exclusive: Leterrier Talks Hulk Secrets

Abomination, 26-minute finale and more!

UPDATED: Now 100% less broken!

By now, you've surely watched the trailer for The Incredible Hulk – if you haven't, go see it here – and you probably have a few questions about what you've seen.

In a huge world exclusive, we spoke to Louis Leterrier, the director of the movie, last night and he guided us through every frame of the teaser. Among other things, he explains to us the new appearance of The Abomination, which differs greatly from the comic book. Here's just a taster of that:

"I really wanted to wrap my head around the original scaley-with-big-ears monster that was in the comic book, but I couldn’t justify it," Leterrier says. "The guy isn’t crossed with a fish; he’s not crossed with a lizard. Just like the Hulk he’s an über-human — his body, everything, grows out...his bones grow thicker and bigger and longer, making him a super-weapon. So he’s got that spine that flares out, which becomes a weapon. He’s got elbows that stick out and become these martial arts, Chinese knives — things that can slash back and forth. He’s got this tongue thing and the heel-spikes… so he’s a killing machine"

He also reveals secrets of the movie's action sequences (26-minute punch-up!), how much Hulk we're going to see (he transforms in minute 3!), and much, much more. Click here to read the interview and have all your Incredible Hulk questions answered.