Exclusive: Everything Or Nothing Clip

'The name's Bond, James Bond...'


Taffin's iconic flip-out aside, Pierce Brosnan has had no more high-pressure line to deliver in his career than his first "Bond, James Bond" in GoldenEye. The Irishman sums up the demands of the situation quite beautifully in this clip from new Bond documentary Everything Or Nothing**. "Roger and Sean would come into my mind", he remembers, "and in the end I didn't fight them, I just let them in."

Billed as "The Untold Story of 007", the documentary marks 50 years of James Bond with an in-depth telling of the history of the espionage franchise. Mark your diaries or risk being straddled to death by Xenia Onatopp.

Everything Or Nothing is out in cinemas on October 5.