Exclusive: Eli Roth Talks Trailer Trash

Grindhouse spin-off in the works...

He's about to make your mind bend and stomach churn for a second time, as Hostel:Part II heaves onto screens next month, but Eli Roth is already tooling up his future projects. Speaking earlier today and inspired by his contributions to the now disassembled Grin**dhouse, the recipient of this year's Empire Award for Best Horror, updated us on his plan for a feature length film consisting entirely of promos. Tentatively titled Trailer Trash**, the writer/director/actor (in characteristically garrulous form) had this to say:

"Well, I had the most fun in my life shooting the Thanksgiving trailer [for Grindhouse] and I want to make a movie like that – all fake trailers! I’ll get Edgar Wright to direct one, Robert Rodriguez will do one, Greg Nicotero will do a zombie one. I want it to be like a Monty Python movie – just totally absurd, over the top, ridiculous, sophomoric nonsense. And the great thing about it is that I can shoot a couple of segments, then go and make Cell, then come back and do a couple more and just bring all my friends in. It’s going to be pure, unadulterated fun!"

Stay tuned to Empire for the full Eli Roth video interview - coming very soon.