Exclusive Clip: How To Lose Friends

Four minutes from Simon Pegg's latest

There are many notable things about Robert B Weide's How To Lose Friends And Alienate People. First of all it has an annoyingly long title that doesn't lend itself to easy headline writing. Second of all it's a withering portrayal of the media and their relationship with US publicists that will make any self-respecting film journalist stare at their feet and mumble something about not really being publicists' bitches. Finally, though, it's a very funny and often touching look at one man's struggle to make it big in the cutthroat world of US magazines.

The film is out on 3 October but to tide you over until then we have a full four minutes of footage to sink your canines into. To put the clip into context somewhat, Simon Pegg's Sidney Young has flown to New York to work for magazine giant , Sharps. Once there, however, he finds that you have to play ball to survive and, having initially turned his nose up at writing a puff piece for Hollywood publicist Eleanor Johnson (Gillian Anderson), he begins to realise that he must make a choice between journalistic integrity and career advancement. Enjoy.

Exclusive Clip: How To Lose Friends
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