Exclusive: The Addicted Poster

Designed by you, the Empire reader

Okay, perhaps not you you but one of our number, a member of the blazing creative hub that is the Empire forum - adman30 - has crafted this suitably spooky poster to upcoming Brit horror The Addicted. It's been handpicked by the production to become the film's official one-sheet. Take a bow that adman.

The haunted-house tale it promotes revolves around recovering addicting David, a resident at The Manor rehabilitation unit in 1987 who comes under the twisted ‘care’ of clinical director Chris Hunter. Instead of nursing David to health, Hunter keeps him hooked, before poisoning him with toxic heroin and leaving him with horrifically scarred. Medical bastard. While the evil director is carrying on with his wife, David kills himself.

Picking up 25 years later, Hunter's daughter Nicole, an aspiring TV journo, makes the not entirely sensible decision to spend the night at the now-derelict clinic, filming the place with her boyfriend. Without giving too much away things get scary and horrible fast. Think [●Rec]. Or rather [●Smack].

The poster was handpicked by The Addicted director Sean J. Vincent (you can see him doing the handpicking on his vidi-blog) who outlined the reasons for his choice: "[The poster] sets up the film perfectly without giving too much away. The image of the building with the glow emanating from the top floor is spot-on to what occurs in the finale of the film and the grey/blue clouds give a very ominous, creepy vibe which is what we're after. The clown mask showing through the clouds is also a great image as we know the mask will probably become one of the most memorable images of the film...".