Evil Dead Remake In The Works

Update: It's Official!

When Empire sat down to talk Drag Me To Hell with Sam Raimi a few years back he professed to have the opening pages of a new Evil Dead film parked at his Detroit house. Exciting news, we thought. Since then, there's not been a whole lot more news on Ash's possible return but if Dread Central's sources are on the mark, that film could be a whole lot closer to coming to fruition.

According to the site, Raimi's long-time editor Bob Murawski is heading to Michigan to start work on a fourth instalment, news that'll thrill Deadheads everywhere. Murawski is promising "a small indie thing like the first two." Bearing in mind the super-low budget ethos of The Evil Dead involved Raimi building cameras out of birchwood and dead racoons, we'd hope not quite as small and indie.

Murawski's news is corroborated by Bruce Campbell's tweet (@GroovyBruce, twitterati): "Believe in the remake, dawg! The project is real. In the works. Cool as hell. Scary as hell."

Yup, the man said "remake", something previously mooted for Park Chan-wook. It's all still filed under 'TBC' and Raimi himself is due to be prepping Oz: The Great And Powerful. Could it be that he's not in Kansas anymore? More as we get it...

Update: It just got official! Raimi and co have released a statement confirming that Fede Alvarez is on to direct the pic, and, in an inriguing twist, Diablo Cody will polish the script. What say you to that, homeslices?

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