Empire's Star Trek Cover Has Arrived

Prepare to fold-out into darkness!

empire jj abrams issue star trek into darkness fold out cover

The front cover of Empire's May issue is boldly going where very few covers have gone before. In publishing's answer to the Genesis Project, it has expanded across three whole pages of cover to accommodate Star Trek Into Darkness's full complement in a gatefold that lays out the full majesty of J.J. Abrams' world.

From Chris Pine's Captain Kirk to Zachary Quinto's Spock, and newbies Alice Eve (Carol Marcus) and the mysterious and most likely fairly evil John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch). No wonder Kirk looks miffed. Abrams has (a) stolen his chair, and (b) failed to turn up in appropriate Starfleet attire.
As those cover lines reveal, the edition is jammed with Abrams-related goodies. There's new Star Wars gems within, a comprehensive oral history of Lost and we've spoken to everyone in the JJverse. Brace yourself for something truly special.

Empire's J.J. Abrams' special issue hits newsagent shelves on March 28. Then again, if you subscribe here, you won't even have to go outside. Then again again, if you have an iPad subscription, you won't even have to go to the door. Not that we're lazy or anything.