Empire Podcast 100 Greatest Movies Special

It's all about Empire's 100 Greatest Movies this month. Thousands of readers voted for their favourite movies in our poll, and the results were fascinating; we also asked some of our favourite directors for their picks; and the latest issue has a choice of five covers to mark the occasion. As if that wasn't enough, we decided to clamber three Empire writers into a pod booth and dissect the entire list in forensic detail for an hour-long Empire Podcast special.

Empire 100 Greatest

Will everyone agree with every placement on the list? Of course not. Will there be disagreements of an Evil Dead II-based nature? Almost certainly. Will it be an entertaining, edifying listen? You betcha. Listen along, if you would like, with the full list of Empire's 100 Greatest Movies right here – or buy a copy of the magazine and have it in your hands. You can also subscribe to Empire here.

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