Empire's Final X-Men: Days Of Future Past Cover Is Revealed

The future Sentinel is here; now check out the complete set!

Over the last 24 hours, Empire has teamed up with the X-Men to unveil 25 amazing covers to our new March issue to mark the upcoming Days Of Future Past. Now, like Jean Grey sacrificing herself for the team, we come to the end of our journey, and can reveal the final cover - this one showing a future-model Sentinel - and gather together the complete set.

Empire's X-Men: Days Of Future Past - Future Sentinel Cover

The film's cast, along with director Bryan Singer and Marvel godfather Stan Lee, unveiled most of the covers personally, and those of you who have been following the #Empire25 and #XMen hashtags will have seen the whole lot make their debut online.

As for the design of this future Sentinel, inside the magazine we have an interview with production designer John Myhre who explains their look. Here's a little of what he had to say. "They're biomechanical weapons. We had to come up with what would be the ultimate version that could actually, in principle, stop the X-Men. We started with this idea that they were almost made up of magnetic plates slapped over one another, imagining that the plates could contract or grow, so the Sentinel can be skinny to get through a small space or the plates can open up to become a bigger shape. So they have become virtually unstoppable."

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that these covers form a complete arc, with the past characters ranged across a pristine 1970s Washington while their future counterparts stand amid the ruins of that city. You can - and we have - assemble the lot into a panorama of the X-Men's past and future, with Bryan Singer like a ringmaster at the centre of the scene, and Wolverine's older and younger selves flanking him. You can even see Blink's powers at work, linking her cover with that of Warpath. See? We don't just throw this stuff together.

The full range of covers are gathered together here, and you can pick up the lot, or order your favourite, online over at greatmagazines.co.uk.

The new issue of Empire hits newsstands both physical and digital this Thursday, January 30, but you will have to wait a little longer to see X-Men: Days Of Future Past; it arrives on May 22 in the UK and on May 23 in the US.

This is but one of the extraordinary issues we have lined up for our 25th birthday this year, so to make sure you don't miss a one, subscribe right over here.