Empire's 100 Greatest Movie Characters Cover Unveiled!

Who is the champion?

Earlier this year, Empire readers were asked a very difficult question: who is the greatest movie character of all time? Fortunately, you fine folk rose to the challenge, and thousands upon thousands of film fans voted here on EmpireOnline.com, and here is the result: the 100 Greatest Movie Characters, 2015 Edition.

Counting the votes was a difficult process, with a few hanging chads somehow getting into the system despite it being conducted in a totally digital medium. But after removing a couple of joke suggestions - sorry, double-taking pigeon from Moonraker, you're never going to make it, no matter how big your fan club gets - and some double-triple-checking, we had our list.

To tell you who won would ruin half the fun, so allow the front cover to tease what might be. Could Ripley reign supreme? Or has Darth Vader finally won you over to the dark side? Pick up the new issue on Thursday, June 25, to find out.

Elsewhere in the issue, there's Cara Delevingne, Jake Gyllenhaal, the death of Superman Lives, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation and everything you ever wanted to know about shooting films with drones but were too afraid to ask. For more details, head in this direction as soon as is physically possible.