Efron Looks To Full Metal Panic

In high school action manga adaptation

Don't panic! It seems that Zac Eftron really isn't done with high school yet. Following the close of his HSM days, there was hope that he would be kicking off his Sunday shoes as the senior banned from dancing in the remake of Footloose, but when he cut loose from that, it seemed that 17 Again might be his graduation from teen movies. But he is now looking at crazily titled manga adaptation Full Metal Panic (not to be confused with Full Metal Alchemist - or indeed Schoolgirl Milky Crisis), which would see him installed as the protector of a schoolgirl, using special, mystical powers.

Full Metal Panic was originally a serialized novel, which hit big screens in the early 2000's as a Japanese anime and subsequently a spinoff series.

Mandalay Pictures have picked up the rights to make the film, which levels action alongside a healthy dose of comedy, as well as Efron's speciality, high school romance. The original manga is virtually adult free, leaving the school security in the hands of teen anti-terrorist commando Sousuke Sagara.

Efron is also in the frame for action-adventure adaptation of Hanna-Barbera cartoon Jonny Quest, which potential director Andy Fickman assured Empire at the weeken, both Efron and Dwayne Johnson have read a script of.

But FMP seems to be even more perfect for Efron, as he continues to cultivate his particularly manga-esque haircut. Plus the introduction of the character's mystical powers should make things more than a little interesting for the all American boy.

So should Zac-man leave his school days behind him? Or should he stick to what he knows best (until he reaches thirty - when he can move on to play teachers)?